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Nature in Harmony, Gardens and Pools in Perfection.

At Renomasters, we take care of your outdoor spaces with our garden and pool maintenance service in Torrevieja and its urbanizations such as Aguas Nuevas, Los Balcones, Los Altos, La Siesta, and El Chaparral. From expert pruning to achieving the perfect chemical balance in your pool, our specialized team takes care of all the details. Enjoy green surroundings and impeccable pools with Renomasters, where excellence merges with nature.

Care and maintenance of gardens and pools in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.

Why Choose Us


Extensive Experience

Renomasters offers a comprehensive maintenance service that covers both gardens and pools, providing complete solutions for your outdoor spaces.


Specialized Team

We have a highly trained team of gardeners and pool specialists who understand the specific needs of each area and provide expert care.


Pruning and Garden Maintenance

Our pruning and garden maintenance service goes beyond the ordinary. We not only prune, but also preserve and enhance the lushness of every green corner of your outdoor space.


Pool Maintenance

We take care of maintaining the chemical balance, cleaning, and necessary repairs in your pool, ensuring a safe and crystal-clear environment for enjoyment.


Customized Programs

We tailor our maintenance programs to the specific needs of your garden and pool, providing flexible and personalized services.



We maintain the natural beauty of your garden and the clarity of your pool, preserving aesthetics and creating a pleasant and relaxing environment.

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Doubts and Frequently Asked Questions

Renomasters offers a full range of maintenance services for gardens and pools, including pruning, fertilization, pest control, water chemical balance, filter cleaning, and more.

The frequency of maintenance depends on the specific needs of each client and the characteristics of the garden and pool. Generally, regular maintenance is recommended weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, as needed.

Yes, we tailor our maintenance programs to the specific needs of each client and property. We work with you to develop a maintenance plan that fits your requirements and budget.

Garden maintenance encompasses a range of tasks designed to maintain the health and beauty of plants, as well as the overall aesthetics of the outdoor space. This may include regular pruning of trees, shrubs, and plants, weed removal, proper watering, fertilization as needed, pest and disease control, lawn mowing, mulching to conserve soil moisture, and rejuvenation of landscaped areas.

Pruning focuses on trimming and shaping plants to promote healthy and aesthetic growth. Garden maintenance includes a variety of additional tasks, such as watering, fertilizing, weed and disease control, among others.

Our technicians are trained in the safe handling of pool chemicals and strictly follow safety guidelines. In addition, we perform regular water tests to ensure it is in optimal condition for swimming.

Yes, in addition to regular maintenance, we offer repair and maintenance services for pools and equipment, including pump repairs, filter repairs, chlorination system repairs, and more.

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